What makes us different is what makes us successful.

Committed Funding

WJ Partners only invests the money of its founding partners— not outside investors. This fundamental practice not only ensures a permanent, liquid capital source, but also underscores our commitment to our management partners’ success. The team that works side-by-side with sellers and managers—before and after a transaction closes—has its own money at stake.

Long-Term Investment Horizon

Traditional private equity firms operate under fixed investment horizons and pre-determined exit deadlines. We don’t. We prefer to focus on the growth potential of a business—remaining agile and responsive without being constrained by strict exit timetables. We do not seek distributions and short-term returns, which enables us to reinvest, fuel growth, and maximize long-term value.

More Than Just Numbers

WJ Partners recognizes the considerable value of intangible assets like brand, culture, and relationships. We work with sellers to preserve and build upon these resources to ensure the ongoing success and legacy of their company.

Experienced and Well-Balanced Team

The WJ Partners team is a uniquely qualified combination of entrepreneurs, operators, and investment professionals. We understand the operational and financial challenges business owners face and are able to provide insight, guidance, and support backed by decades of experience. With an extensive track record of both founding and building successful companies for over thirty years, we bring a comprehensive and versatile set of skills to every collaboration.

Speed of Execution

Since we only invest our own money, there are no outside investor approvals or capital calls. In every opportunity that WJ Partners pursues, the ultimate investment decision is made by our founding partners. The absence of unwieldy bureaucratic protocols enables us to provide sellers with accelerated investment decisions and execution, thereby minimizing disruption to day-to-day operations.  We are sensitive to not wasting your time or our time, and we will move expeditiously to determine if the opportunity is a good fit.

Conservative Capital Structures

WJ Partners believes in creating value through earnings growth and operational improvements, not by financial engineering. We use moderate leverage to enhance equity returns without constraining a business’s growth or jeopardizing sustainability during economic downturns.


We appreciate that changes in ownership can significantly impact a company’s stakeholders. Bearing in mind the concerns of owners, employees, customers, and local communities, we tailor our investment decisions to meet the needs of all parties involved. Particular attention is made to sellers’ requirements in regard to estate and tax issues.